Rob Taylor Gibson. "We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children."


Let me introduce myself.

Photographer - Specialising in Macro, Nature & the Environment

Hi I am Rob a photographer & designer from Nottinghamshire (UK) I love to photograph and design things that help others see the world and its natural beauty as something to preserve and protect.

My love of moving image and photography has been the constant driving force behind my creative endeavours, leading, as I have gone through both my academic and professional career to an equal passion for the natural world and sharing its beauty with as many people as possible.

I have a BA Hons in Digital Media & Design and MSc in Biological Photography & Imaging and I am continually focused on enhancing my skills on all levels, with my ability to learn new skills and perfect existing ones pushing my creativity.

Proficient in an array of photographic genres, styles and techniques.
I can utilise my years of experience and education to enhance a wide variety of creative endeavours.

My own unique flare combines with my love of nature and attention to detail enables me to provide a fresh take with new unexplored angles useful for a magnitude of projects and overcoming many creative obstacles.

So let’s work together to make our creative dreams, everyone’s reality.

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